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Bottarga is a delicacy that is common in many Mediterranean areas. The name comes from Arabic butarikh ("salted fish eggs") .

Sometimes it is called the poor man's caviar, Bottarga is the "Beef Jerky" of Caviar.

The result is a dry hard slab, which is then sliced or grated.

Its use in Italian and French cuisines is extensive and its culinary properties can be compared to those of dry anchovies. Bottarga is often served with lemon juice as an appetizer or used in pasta dishes.

In some countries, it is preserved in a layer of dried beeswax and can be kept in room temperature.

History of Poutargue:

Many centuries ago, in desert countries in North Africa such as Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco the fisherman developed a clever way of preserving fish roe. After the french mandate was over, many citizens relocated to France, introduced it to the culinary community and made it a standard purchase for any french chef in the modern french cuisine of today.

  • Bottarga - Poutargue - Dried mullet roe - Kosher - 200g

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    This caviar is usually enjoyed by shaving off thin slices for hors d'oeuvres or grate it over pasta, fish, or salads. Also known in Japanese Cuisines as Karasumi.
    Bottarga is made from mullet roe,
    Gently cured with salt and dried with Air.
    Made in France

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