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Beverly Hills Caviar » Truffles » Black Truffle Oil » Black Truffle Oil 9.2 gallons - 4 X 2.3 gallons - $118/gallon

Black Truffle Oil 9.2 gallons - 4 X 2.3 gallons - $118/gallon

Black Truffle Oil 9.2 gallons - 4 X 2.3 gallons - $118/gallon 

Finishing Black Truffle Oil Cases - comes in convenient food service 2.3 gallon size pails. Buy 2 cases of 2 x 2.3 Gallons totaling 9.2 gallons with free nationwide delivery Tuesday through Friday. For the past twenty years, celebrity chefs have incorporated our Premium Black Truffle Oil into soups, fried foods and even popcorn recipes. The food industry entrepreneurs joined onto the trend and it wasn’t very long, before Black Truffle Oil became the fastest growing, gourmet food ingredient, in the Food Service and Hospitality industry. Black Truffle Oil vs White Truffle Oil in comparison the Black Truffle Oil is less expensive than White Truffle Oil. Also the truffle aroma and flavor of the Black Truffle Oil is stronger and is commonly described as pungent, where as the White Truffle Oil has a mild and clean aroma and flavor. Beverly Hills Caviar’s Black Truffle Oil is offered in 1 gallon, 2.3 and 4.5 gallon size pails. The larger sizes are available online at wholesale prices. All sizes include complementary nationwide ground shipping. Also you may purchase a pump, usually used in the food service industry to reduce food costs.

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