Beverly Hills Caviar

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  • Classic Caviar Crystal Server with lid 5 1/2"

    SKU: SKU16195

    Buy this classic crystal caviar server with lid. This server illumiates any caviar placed within with natural light. Place this server on top of the mirrored tray and admire the beauty. This crystal server measures at 5 1/2" and can be used as a box with the included lid.

    Market price: $49.95
    Our price: $19.95 save 60%

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  • 2 Piece Cracker/Condiment Crystal Serving Set

    SKU: SKU16194

    Ideal for serving crackers, blinis, mini toasts and creme fraiche. Put a generous dab of creme fraiche or sour cream in the center piece of the serving set and enjoy. The center crystal container is movable and may be moved out of the main serving set.

    Market price: $50.00
    Our price: $29.95 save 40%

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  • Crystal 3-type Caviar Server

    SKU: SKU16193

    Order this crystal sectional caviar server. Amaze your guests with having three different types of caviar on one server. This server allows you to place a very generous amount of caviar in each section as you impress your guests. This server is popular among caterers wishing to show the different...

    Market price: $59.95
    Our price: $29.95 save 50%
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  • 8.25" Crystal Canister Caviar Server or Iced Server With Top

    SKU: SKU16188

    This product Includes Free Shipping.
    Buy this crystal canister measuring 8.25 inches with top. Makes an elegant way to serve between 1 to 2 pounds of caviar. You may purchase additionally the crystal votive for smaller caviar servings, simply place the crystal votive server inside the c...

    Market price: $79.99
    Our price: $49.95 save 38%
    Quantity Out of stock
  • Crystal hand held Caviar Server

    SKU: SKU16187

    This Hand Held server is a romantic way to enjoy caviar as a couple. Great for intimate dates and honeymoons.

    Market price: $149.95
    Our price: $49.95 save 67%

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  • Crystal Flower Caviar Server Collection

    SKU: SKU16189

    Crystal Flower Caviar Server Collection. Enjoy this beautiful caviar server at your special event. Simply place a 4oz jar of your favorite caviar and make your event an instant hit.

    Market price: $199.95
    Our price: $99.95 save 50%

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