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Imperial Osetra Caviar (100g Caviar Tin)

Imperial Osetra Caviar (100g Caviar Tin) 

Imperial Osetra Caviar, is a classification of premium Malossol Sturgeon Caviar having large sized eggs. Foodies treasure its nutty flavor profile as well as its unique texture, that just melts in your mouth with bursting flavor. Osetra Caviar, is the primary choice, locally, in Beverly Hills and Bel Air.

Ingredients: Sturgeon Eggs, Salt.

Do not consume if you are allergic to: Seafood, fish or any product that originates from a body of water.

Handling Instructions: Refrigerate at 32F-36F and use within 5 days. Otherwise, freeze and thaw slowly before serving. For more handling instructions email us here.

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