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About Beverly Hills Caviar

Caviar, or Malosol sturgeon eggs, is a luxury food ingredient, that has been a part of French, Russian and Persian Cuisine for a thousand years. Back then, this rare delicacy was solely reserved for the European royal families that lived in the vicinity of the Caspian Sea. After all, shipping the product across Europe was an impossible task.

After World War I ended in 1918, food was in short supply, and my family started profitable fishing business in the newly formed USSR. While fish meat sold remarkably fast anywhere in the continent, caviar, was far away from a wealthy clientele that could afford it. My Great great uncle traveled and started an import office location in Germany, where he would receive and sell the prized item to many of the socialites of that time.

A decade later, Despite promises from politicians to never repeat the horrors of World War I, a second war was threatening to hit Europe once again, forcing businesses to close their doors or move away. My uncle was too late to leave Germany on time and our family never heard from him and his family again.

After World War II has ended, and many of our family members were dead or scattered across Europe, My great grandparents got married and made a decision to leave Europe for good. Our family in Brooklyn, agreed to take them in, and that is where our caviar dynasty has continued once again. Soon after they settled in, they begun importing Beluga and Osetra Caviar and it became the fastest growing food ingredient in East Coast.

In the mid 70ís, the family opened a caviar shop in Los Angeles California, mainly because overnight shipping was not available. It was easier and cheaper to just open a store and relocate one of our family members to manage it. It was a risky move that took time to pay off. Ten Years later, with the help of our supportive community, caviar was introduced to movie stars and TV hosts, who were quick to brand it as the symbol of the Rich and Famous. I remember that back in the 80ís, caviar was still affordable and we never had enough product to sell.

The business was very active, up until a personal tragedy hit our family in 2001. Years later, in 2009, I decided to continue my motherís business by making the necessary technological leap to an online caviar store. In 2012, I made a decision to invest in the creation of 3 Caviar ATMs that took the world by surprise. It was the perfect combination of technology and physical retail. It allowed us to expand the business and make it into a legacy that my mother would be proud of.

What does Beverly Hills Caviar have to Offer?

Selection, Quality, availability and Service. Beverly Hills Caviar expertise is at bringing the entire world of caviar to the consumers door. Beverly Hills Caviar has the largest selection of caviar in the world. We offer Beluga Caviar, Osetra Caviar and Sevruga Caviar, Salmon Caviar, Escargot Caviar, and even a Caviar facial used as an ingredient in your day/night cream solution. Beverly Hills Caviar also offer all the important items that you might need with your caviar: Mother of Pearl Caviar Spoons and Mother†of Pearl Plates

How do I know what I want to Buy?

Beverly Hills Caviar is dedicated in making your caviar purchasing experience as easy as possible. When you go to, you can shop according to your preferred budget, size, packaging, caviar type or purpose, such as caviar gift. Each of these selections will put you in the right direction towards purchasing the right caviar for you, your family or your friends.

What happens if I have a problem?

Please contact us! We are here for you 24/7. We can assist you via email, or in more urgent matter please feel free to call us at (818) 268 0453.

Where do you ship caviar to?

Nationwide and internationally. We ship our packages safely to Europe, the UK, Australia and South America. However, international destination require additional sales taxes and duties that you must pay immediately in order to receive your package on time.

When do I get my package?

You will receive you package the next day if you place your order online before noon. International destinations can take longer. We package it accordingly. You may also give us a call after the cutoff time and we might still assist you and get the package out by 5pm PST. Remember, we follow pacific standard time and it usually means that we can ship it the latest in the US. For example, 6pm EST is only 3pm in California. Call us if you are not sure about receiving your order on time.

What happens if there is a problem?

Contact us and we will take care of you immediately. You have a 24 hour window that we require in order to process your claim successfully.

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