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About Beverly Hills Caviar

Company information:

Beverly Hills Caviar is a world famous gourmet food importer. The company supplies Caviar and gourmet food ingredients to the retail market, as well as to the food service industry. Moreover, Our online store provides a convenient way to shop for caviar, truffles and gourmet gifts. 

Imported caviar include: Beluga, Osetra, Sevruga, and escargot caviar.

Additionally, the store offers a large selection of truffle products, such as, dried truffle, sliced truffles, truffle salt, white truffle oil, black truffle oil and truffle sauce.

Free Shipping and Handling Information:

Beverly Hills Caviar ships exclusively with FedEx. Additionally, all packages ship free of charge according to their default shipping method. After you placed your order, you will receive an email, with a link that will take you to a real-time update for your package location. If you have other questions, call FedEx directly at (800) GO-FEDEX.

What is caviar to us?

"Caviar (Ikra) is not food. It's our way of life. Eat, it's good for you Malinka." Grandma used to say to to us in Russian, while spreading generously black caviar on a fresh slice of white bread and placing a slice of onion over it.

Free Shipping and Handling Information:

All orders offer complementary shipping method as an option. Perishable items will automatically be shipped overnight, while shelf stable items will be shipped ground. However, additional shipping services such as, first overnight, priority overnight, international shipping, Saturday delivery and same day delivery require additional charge.

After placing your order, you will receive an email with tracking information. Follow the link to a real-time tracking page, which will also includes an ETA for your package. If you have any other questions, you may also contact FedEx directly at 1 (800) GO-FEDEX.

Sturgeon Farming History:

During the cold war, Countries around the world, would harvest the sturgeon fish, with complete disregard to its alarming decrease in population.

In light of the devastation of over-fishing, and sturgeons' near extinction, the commercial use of wild sturgeon and its byproducts, became illegal for import or export. As a result, sturgeon farms became the sole producer of Acipenser or Huso sturgeon caviar.

Meanwhile, American wild sturgeon is available domestically, but this practice is slowly coming to an end, and wild sturgeon populations are steadily decreasing in the wild. Much of the improvement belongs to responsible consumers that insist on sustainable caviar, anywhere around the world.

Our commitment to the environment and to your health:

Beverly Hills Caviar Inc. is a strong supporter of wildlife preservation. Our caviar selection includes sturgeon caviar from sustainable farming operations.

Shipping caviar can have a tremendous effect on the environment. Which is why, our company uses biodegradable packaging, with little to no harmful materials such as: foam products, dried ice, and additional unnecessary packaging.

Additionally, our caviar is premium quality. It contains no preservatives and no artificial flavors or colors, which are heavily used in modern caviar processing. Ingredients such as, borax and Potassium Sorbet.