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Beverly Hills Caviar » Truffle Products » White Truffle Oil » White Truffle Oil - 18 Gallons ($115/Gallon) - 4 X 4.5 Gallons

White Truffle Oil - 18 Gallons ($115/Gallon) - 4 X 4.5 Gallons

White Truffle Oil - 18 Gallons ($115/Gallon) - 4 X 4.5 Gallons 

Premium Truffle Oil - Best Truffle Oil. White Truffle Oil is known for its finer Aroma and delicate flavor. This ingredient is recommended to high end restaurants, food service kitchens, as well as truffled based food manufacturing . Many buyers consider the higher price tag well worth it, when compared to the Black Truffle Oil, for its flawless palate affect. In fact, White truffle oil is sold in larger quantities and used in most truffle dishes, such as White Truffle Gnocchi, Truffle Fries, Truffle Mashed, Steamed Escargot Meat, etc.

Order White Truffle Oil in a gallon pail. This item includes free nationwide ground shipping and delivers between Tuesday through Friday. Buy white truffle oil in bulk and save money on food costs. This item is ideal for food service clients looking to buy top quality white truffle oil at a wholesale price. Worldwide and expedited delivery options are available for purchase upon checkout.

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