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Mini Blinis

Mini Blinis

Making blinis from scratch:

2.5 cups of unbleached wheat.
1 egg
4 spoons of sour cream.
4 spoons of sugar
1 spoon of sea salt
4 spoons of oil (olive/coconut/canola)
Keep adding milk and stir till the mix becomes like milkshake consistency.

Should make you at least 30 blinis. If you need more just double/tripple all the ingredients.

  • Blinis 2'' pack of 4

    SKU: SKU1984

    Blini Size: 1.6-2''
    Package contains 4 pieces of Blini
    Serving Size: 1

    Our price: $1.99
    Quantity Out of stock
  • hand made Blinis - 10 pieces

    SKU: SKU19841

    not circular, small and don't look like they were made by a machine.

    Made with Natural ingredients, no preservatives, no additives.

    Flash Frozen in a reusable container.

    Our price: $3.95

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  • Extra Small Blinis - 1'' diameter (10 - 12 pieces)

    SKU: SKU1653313415

    Basic Wheat Blinis - 1'' diameter (10 - 12 pieces)

    Please note all blini orders must be shipped with caviar. All orders without caviar will be cancelled and refunded.

    Our price: $5.99

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  • Blinis Canape 40 pieces

    SKU: SKU1653313414

    Basic Wheat Blinis - 2'' diameter
    Pack Size - 40 pieces
    Serving: 8-10

    Our price: $19.95

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