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Caviar Apetizer Variety

create this delicious masterpiece Caviar Apetizer Variety Masterpiece:

1) Cut blinis or potato pancakes into star or square shapes.

2) Place wrapped thin slice of smoked salmon with cucumber and parsley. Another start shaped blini includes a thin slice of a hard boiled egg with a generous dab of fresh wild Ameircan Caviar on top.

3) Another star shaped blini features a thinly sliced cucumber with salmon caviar and parsley.

Red potato delight

decorate delicious red potatoes with gourmet salmon caviar Gourmet Red Caviar Delight

1) Simply slice boiled red potatoes and top with sour cream or creme fraiche.

2) Apply a dab of premium salmon caviar or black sturgeon caviar on top.

3) Add thinly sliced green onion to taste.

Sturgeon Caviar Appetizer

Serve Mini Toasts with Fresh American Sturgeon Caviar Presidential Sturgeon Caviar Appetizer

1) Apply dab of fresh sturgeon caviar and/or wild paddlefish caviar.

2) Top caviar on mini toast/crackers with cream cheese or butter.

3) Dine in style with this delicious appetizer.