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Beluga Caviar (64oz - 4LBS)

Beluga Caviar (64oz - 4LBS) 

Beluga Caviar, is a classification of premium Malossol Sturgeon Caviar having Extra large sized eggs. Caviar is undeniably a symbol of incredible wealth, and the most expensive food in the world. It is the most noticeable item on the the tables of the richest individuals for a thousand years. Caviar Gift Boxes area popular way to gift the person that has everything.

Ingredients: Sturgeon Eggs, Salt.

Do not consume if you are allergic to: Seafood, fish or any product that originates from a body of water.

Handling Instructions: Refrigerate at 32F-36F and use within 5 days. Otherwise, freeze and thaw slowly before serving. For more handling instructions email us here.

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